About Us

Valley Rugs Ltd is a pioneer provider of rugs that are produced and manufactured to a high quality that is situated in Bolton, England. We have been providing the best quality rugs for reasonable prices for since 2013.

As a company we understand finding the right rug for your home is important. We provide a number of different style and sizes of rugs from floor rugs to shaggy rugs. Each rug is traditional handmade and individually inspected to ensure high quality of products are being produced.

UK Manufactured

Due to being a UK manufacture we are able to get our products made and delivered within days of the order being received.

Our History

Valley Rugs Ltd is a company that is associated and run alongside another business Valley Recycling which has been in business for 17 years. Therefore all rugs that are produced are environmentally friendly and once the rug is no longer needed or wanted it can be recycled.

Valley Rugs assures customers that the products offered on this website are some of the best on the market in their respective categories; the best in terms of quality, design and durability.

The company is currently expanding in the high street retail industry due to high demand for the type of rugs we provide.

Environmental Policy

We are a completely GREEN carpet rug manufacturer, aware of the environment and can assure you everything gets used in our production, with nothing going to landfill. Furthermore we try and help the community by priding ourselves on employing long term unemployed people and training them in a new skill.